Dear Food Safety Professionals,


It is an honor and privilege to serve as the first President of the newly formed Colorado Affiliate for Food Protection (CAFP). Colorado has many food companies, University programs, and federal agencies supporting food safety that we believed it was a great opportunity to have an IAFP affiliate in the state. As such, some of our goals and objectives are:

* To provide conferences and educational workshops related to food safety and protection for private sector, as well as University and regulatory professionals.

* To be of resource and to create an opportunity for learning and networking for food safety professionals from all parts of the Colorado food industry.

CAFP’s leadership team, Laurel Weilage, Sandra Perryman, Megan Kelly, Mark Caudel and myself encourage and welcome all professionals and students in the food industry to become part of our Affiliate. Through the support of our members and sponsors we will strive to make the CAFP a successful organization.

I look forward to serving the CAFP to the best of my ability and look forward to seeing all of you become a member of our Affiliate and participate in our future meetings.


Best regards,


Juliany Rivera Calo

President of the Colorado Association for Food Protection